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Deciding When To Replace Your HVAC System in Riverside, CA

In a perfect world, properly cared-for HVAC systems would simply continue to run efficiently forever. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the reality. Even the most well-maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will only be able to last for so long before they need to be replaced. However, many homeowners have uncertainty about when exactly is the right time to pull the trigger on having new systems installed. Fortunately, there are certain guidelines and indicators you can use to help you decide whether you should try to get more life out of your HVAC appliances or if now is the time to invest in new ones.


You certainly shouldn’t need to replace your HVAC system every year, so there is not one particular season when it automatically means that you should be getting a new furnace or air conditioner. However, when your HVAC appliances are reaching the end of their lifespans, there are certain times of the year when it would be the wisest to replace them. Typically, for furnaces, the best time of year is the fall, while for air conditioners, the best time is the spring. Your Riverside home will most likely experience the harshest weather conditions during the winter and summer months, so it can be very beneficial to have new HVAC appliances during those times of the year.

Usually, furnaces and air conditioners will be at their most effective and efficient when they are brand new. This means that if you purchase a new furnace in the autumn, you should have reliable heating all winter long, and if you purchase a new air conditioner in the spring, you should be able to stay nice and cool during the hot summer. That being said, you only want to pull the trigger on replacing your HVAC systems if they meet some of the criteria that we cover below.


In most cases, if any of your HVAC systems are more than 10 years old, you should be thinking about replacing them soon. There are exceptions to this, and if you’ve taken good care of your appliances and kept up with regular maintenance, it’s not uncommon for a furnace or air conditioner to last closer to 15 years. However, if you’re past the decade mark, and your HVAC systems start to show symptoms of problems or decreased efficiency, you should at the very least bring in a professional technician to take a look. If you go with one of our skilled experts at Dragonfly Heating & Cooling, they will be able to diagnose the appliance and let you know whether or not it’s a good time to replace the unit. If it is, they will be able to perform the installation for you in a timely and affordable manner.


When one of your HVAC systems is reaching the end of its lifespan, there’s a good chance it’s going to start experiencing problems more and more often. If you have recently started needing to pay for repair jobs regularly, or your furnace or air conditioner has started having the same issues pop up repeatedly, it’s likely time to have it replaced. In most cases, if the appliance is on the older side, these problems will just continue to get worse. Investing in a new system will actually save you money in the long run.


In many cases, homeowners will see a major breakdown of their furnace or air conditioner as the catalyst for having the appliance replaced. Often, this is a wise time to make such a decision. If one of your HVAC systems has broken down, we advise that you bring in one of our trained technicians to assess the situation. Sometimes, especially with older appliances, deploying the fixes necessary and replacing major parts can be quite expensive. It might not be worth it when weighed against the price of having a new unit installed instead. If this is the case, our team members will let you know, and you can make an informed decision based on your personal situation.


One of the most common and obvious signs that your HVAC system needs to be replaced is that it begins struggling to do its job effectively. The Riverside summers can get quite toasty, and after a fun day out enjoying the area, you need to be able to count on your air conditioner to keep you cool. Similarly, in the wintertime, you need to be able to trust your furnace to consistently keep your household warm. When your HVAC appliance is near the end of its rope, it will begin working harder to do its job. This will result in your monthly energy bills rising as well as the appliance itself accumulating wear and tear at a faster rate, causing problems or breakdowns to become more likely occurrences.

If you’ve noticed that you seem to have less control over your home’s climate or your monthly bills have started to go up inexplicably, there’s a very real chance that one of your HVAC appliances needs to be replaced. It’s wise to not procrastinate in this situation. Bringing out a knowledgeable technician sooner rather than later can ultimately save you a lot of money and hassle.


In some cases, the symptoms that something is wrong with your furnace or air conditioner can be very obvious and come in the form of unusual odors or loud noises. If you’re suddenly hearing sounds or noticing smells coming from one of your HVAC appliances, it’s almost certainly indicative of a problem. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the unit needs to be replaced, but it does mean that you should have it checked out by a professional at the very least.


Many people are unaware that their HVAC systems can have a direct impact on the quality of their indoor air. When a furnace or air conditioner is getting old or experiencing a problem, it has to put more effort into circulating warm or cool air throughout your household. Because of this, it becomes significantly more likely that particles of dust, dirt and other debris will be kicked up into the air. This can cause respiratory problems or allergy flare-ups, and the situation should not be ignored. If you’ve noticed that these irritants have become more common throughout your home, it could very well mean that one of your HVAC appliances needs to be either repaired or replaced.

Our team at Dragonfly Heating & Cooling has been faithfully serving Riverside and the surrounding areas since 2010. We’re committed to providing excellent customer service and high-quality work to every one of our customers. Our skilled technicians share the same values and vision that our company stands for, and they are never satisfied until the client is satisfied. We offer a full slate of HVAC services. In addition to heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation, we also perform top-quality ductless ventilation work in the Greater Riverside area. You can count on our friendly team to do a thorough, high-quality job with any of your HVAC needs.

Make sure you treat your home’s HVAC systems with the respect they deserve. Give us a call at Dragonfly Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained experts.

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