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Out with the old, in with the fly: Welcome to Dragonfly Heating & Cooling - formerly known as All Pro Air!

AC Repair

For outstanding AC Repair service in Riverside, CA. call Dragonfly Heating & Cooling at 951-684-0880.
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AC Repair in Riverside, CA.

Professional Air Conditioning Repair for Homeowners through The Inland Empire

Call an AC repair expert in Riverside, CA, asap when you suspect that your air conditioner might be malfunctioning. One of the signs to watch out for is when your home seems warmer at your usual cooling temperature. We know how uncomfortable this is, especially when temperatures in Riverside can go up to 89 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Call Dragonfly right away, and we’ll quickly dispatch one of our experienced technicians to help you resolve the problem. Whatever type of AC you have installed at home, rest assured that we can help fix it. Get in touch with us today, and we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.

Reliable Air Conditioner Repair

Our technicians are NCI and NATE-certified, making them highly qualified to do any air conditioner repair. Whether you’re having issues with gas leaks or inefficient AC units, we’re confident that we can effectively resolve it for you. During the appointment, our helpful technicians will thoroughly inspect your unit to help us diagnose the problem. We’ll check all the components of your air conditioner to ensure it’s in top shape. There’s no need to schedule another appointment or call a new technician as we know that we can fix the issue on the same day.

We are also fully equipped to tackle any AC repair, big or small. After the appointment, expect to be completely delighted with our service. At Dragonfly Heating & Cooling, we don’t just fix the problem but also ensure that our clients maximize the benefits of hiring top-notch technicians in Riverside.

Below are the pros of choosing us for your AC repair:

  • More efficient AC units
  • Extended lifespan of your air conditioner
  • Exceptional AC services
  • Peace of mind
  • Effective and permanent solutions

Trustworthy AC Repair In Riverside

At Dragonfly Heating & Cooling, we aim to build life-long customers by providing only the best air conditioner repair services to all residents of Riverside. Our team will always treat you like family and ensure that you have a safe and comfortable home. Also, we do more than just provide a service; our team can help you select the best AC solutions for your home.

If your AC is not cooling your home, or some of its components may not be working, call us as soon as possible! We are more than happy to help you alleviate the issue and ensure that your home is always comfortable. Call us today for an appointment!

We’ll keep you snug as a bug! To get started, give us a call at 951-684-0880 or fill out an online service request form. We look forward to serving you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My AC Making Strange Noises?

There are many reasons why your air conditioner may be making loud or strange noises. If you notice unusual sounds coming from your AC system, you should call our team for an inspection. A licensed and trained HVAC professional will be able to diagnose the issue and provide repairs to stop the problem.

When should I repair my system?

If you are planning on moving soon, you may not get your investment price from a replacement air conditioning unit when you sell. If your system has been relatively trouble free, then it may be worth your money to repair your system instead of replacing it.

When should I replace my old heating or cooling system?

If your system is 10 years and older, you should consider replacing your system because it may be costing 40-60% more in energy costs each month. System 10 years ago were not as efficient as systems today. Most systems 10 years ago were under 6-10 SEER systems. Day and Night air conditioner or heat pump systems are up to 19 SEER which means they are nearly twice as efficient as your old system. Also, consider replacing your system if you are experiencing frequent repairs, hot or cold spots in your home, or a noisy system.

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