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How To Lower Utility Bills This Summer

Between vacations, outdoor activities, and events, the summer is one of the most expensive times of the year for some. Many homeowners look for ways to save money, and unfortunately a large summer bill can be your air conditioning costs. However, the Dragonfly technicians are here to teach you how you can keep AC bills low and remain comfortable at home. In this blog, we discuss various ways to lower utility bills this summer in Riverside, CA without sacrificing your cool comfort.

7 Ways To Reduce AC Energy Usage

When it comes to saving on utility bills, it all comes down to energy usage. If you can reduce the workload for your air conditioner, it will use less energy to operate and result in lower bills. Homeowners can perform various tasks to keep their air conditioner running efficiently and effectively. Below we listed and described seven ways to reduce your cooling costs and energy usage this summer.

1. Schedule AC Maintenance

Regular maintenance for your air conditioner is the most effective way to keep your energy bills low and prolong your air conditioner’s life. At Dragonfly Heating and Air Conditioning, our certified technicians offer preventative AC maintenance in Riverside, CA and surrounding areas for all types and brands of cooling systems. Air conditioning maintenance allows a technician to inspect each aspect and component of your system for malfunctions and potential repairs. This preventative service keeps your air conditioner running efficiently and using a minimal amount of energy to operate. Additionally, AC maintenance avoids costly AC repairs in Riverside, CA.

We recommend scheduling AC maintenance at least once a year, preferably in the spring season before turning on your air conditioner for good.

2. Regularly Change Air Filters

While our technicians can properly prepare your AC system for the workload summer brings, it is up to homeowners to continue to maintain their unit.

Air filters determine various things about your home, such as indoor air quality, airflow, overall comfort, and AC energy use. Air filters catch harmful pollutants and keep them out of the air you breathe at home. After a few weeks, your air filter will build up dust and debris within the filter pores. If your air filter is dirty and clogged, your air conditioner will use more energy to push air through the filter. Not only can this result in AC repair in Orange County, CA, but also heighten monthly energy bills. We recommend homeowners change their air filters every 90 days to maximize AC efficiency.

3. Clean Outdoor Unit

The outdoor air conditioning unit, also known as condenser, is exposed to all weather conditions. This means debris, trash, and other items can build up on and around your air conditioner, which can harm AC efficiency. If debris is piled up on your unit, it obstructs the airflow and causes the unit to work harder. We recommend checking the status of your outdoor unit frequently and removing grass clippings, tree branches, and other debris from the unit.

4. Adjust Thermostat Settings

The easiest way to lower your air conditioning costs is by raising the thermostat setting. However, we never want homeowners to be uncomfortable or hot in their homes. We recommend adjusting the thermostat before leaving the house or going to bed, because you will not feel the comfort difference. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, adjusting your thermostat 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day can save homeowners up to 10% on heating and cooling costs.

5. Upgrade Your Thermostat

As we mentioned, altering your thermostat is an easy way to save money monthly. We encourage homeowners to consider upgrading their thermostat to a programmable thermostat in Riverside, CA. Programmable thermostats adjust your home’s temperature according to a previously programmed setting. Homeowners can input their temperature preferences at specific times of the day and the device will automatically adjust. Programmable thermostats avoid forgetting to adjust the temperature as you leave for work or get in bed at night, and can be controlled on a mobile device!

6. Seal And Insulate Your Home

Insulation is essential for keeping your home energy efficient and capable of retaining temperature. When your home holds its temperature, you won’t run your air conditioner as frequently, and it works less to cool your home.

Additionally, air can escape through cracks in windows and doors throughout your home. If air is leaking, your air conditioner will work harder to meet the thermostat setting each day. We recommend caulking or weather stripping cracks around your home to save on AC energy usage.

7. Utilize Ceiling Fans

Did you know ceiling fans have a summer and winter mode? In the summer your ceiling fan should spin counterclockwise to push air downwards. While ceiling fans do not alter a room’s temperature, they can create a cool breeze and make a room feel cooler to residents. We encourage homeowners to utilize ceiling fans to help keep them cool, because it allows homeowners to raise the thermostat setting a few degrees without noticing a temperature difference. Be sure to turn your ceiling fan off when you leave a room, because they cool people and not rooms.

If your home does not have ceiling fans, standing and box fans work just as well!

Call Dragonfly Heating & Cooling To Help Keep Your AC Bills Low

If you want lower utility bills this summer, we encourage homeowners to implement these seven tasks. Call Dragonfly Heating & Cooling for your annual maintenance and guarantee you spend the summer in affordable comfort. Additionally, we offer AC repair in Rancho Cucamonga to help keep your air conditioner working properly. Call 951-684-0880 to schedule an appointment today!

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