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Quality HVAC Services In Yorba Linda, CA

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As summer temperatures climb, homeowners in Yorba Linda start turning on their air conditioners. Those who keep their HVAC units maintained relax in the cool air, while those who postpone service suffer in the heat. Scheduling routine HVAC services in Yorba Linda, CA, can prevent HVAC problems before they start. Our knowledgeable technicians are NATE-certified and have the tools to complete almost any repair. We provide quality service for residents of Yorba Linda, Murrieta, and the surrounding communities—contact us to schedule service!

Air Conditioning Services In Yorba Linda

A functioning air conditioning is necessary for Yorba Linda, CA summers. When you wake up sweating in the middle of the night and discover your air conditioner has stopped working, you need service right away. However, don’t wait until your home is uncomfortable to schedule AC services in Yorba Linda, CA!

Air conditioners need routine maintenance to extend their lifespan and prevent emergency situations. Dragonfly Heating & Cooling can provide thorough AC maintenance to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and effectively. Our team will perform preventative tasks such as checking refrigerant levels and lubricating all moving parts.

There is never a good time for your air conditioner to breakdown. Paying attention to warning signs you need AC repair in Yorba Linda, CA can help avoid uncomfortable and costly situations. Below are signs you will need air conditioning services soon.

  • You notice a strange smell coming from your air conditioning unit or the vents.
  • The condenser turns on and off frequently throughout the day without cooling your home.
  • You notice leaking from the condenser coils or the condenser.
  • Your utility bill increases without extra AC use.

Once we arrive at your home, we will determine if AC repair is the best solution to your air conditioning problem. Depending on the repair costs, age of your unit, and other factors, we may suggest AC replacement. Our trained technicians can restore your home comfortable in no time with our AC replacement and installation services in Yorba Linda, CA.

Heating Services In Yorba Linda, CA

California weather is beautiful, but working heating systems prove crucial when evening temperatures drop. Temperatures can change rapidly, so don’t forget about regular heating maintenance in Yorba Linda, CA. During our service call, we will carefully clean various components and check factors such as thermostat connection. We will replace the filter and inspect each component for signs of wear. If any part shows damage, we can replace it before it grows into a more significant—and costlier—problem.

If your heating unit is malfunctioning, our team can find the cause and determine the best solution for your system and home. Below are common signs you need heating repair in Yorba Linda, CA.

  • Air coming from the vents is not warm.
  • The pilot light does not stay lit.
  • You turn up the thermostat, but your home doesn’t get warmer.
  • The unit makes new noises like vibrating or buzzing.
  • Your heating bill increases without extra heater use.

If your heating unit is 15 years or older or you experience frequent repairs, we may suggest heating replacement in Yorba Linda, CA as the best solution for your home and comfort.

Trusted Ductless Mini-Split Installation

At Dragonfly Heating & Cooling, we know a central HVAC system may not work for every home. A ductless mini split makes a perfect option for a small space without temperature control, such as an office, studio apartment, or garage. A mini-split unit attaches to the wall, saving valuable floor space, and doesn’t have unsightly ductwork getting in the way.

Mini-split units work best in homes with family members who prefer different temperatures. Each unit works separately, allowing you to customize the temperature in each zone.

Indoor Air Quality Services In Yorba Linda, CA

Your indoor air quality suffers as pollutants build up inside your HVAC unit, getting redistributed around your home every day. Outdoor contaminants like car exhaust and wildfire smoke come in through open doors and windows, further polluting your indoor air.

Our technicians test for indoor air pollution and offer ways to improve indoor air quality. Adding a filtration system to your HVAC unit will instantly improve your home’s air quality. Allergy symptoms will lessen, any strange odors will vanish, and your HVAC unit will last longer.

Professional HVAC Services

Delaying professional HVAC service only delays your own comfort. A well-maintained HVAC unit improves allergy symptoms and lowers your monthly utility bill. Replacing components as they show signs of wear prevents high repair costs and extends the life of your HVAC unit.

Since 2010, Dragonfly Heating & Cooling has offered exceptional customer service and top-quality HVAC services in Yorba Linda, CA., from experienced technicians. We are always excited to take on new clients. Call 951-684-0880 to schedule heating or cooling services in Yorba Linda, CA with our expert HVAC technicians.

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